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This section contains a few examples of algorithmic / mathematical art generated in the course of experimenting with various rendering and generative techniques. This page will continue to grow as the experimentation proceeds!

Fractal Flames

These fractal flame images have all been generated from random configurations by @fracflame, a twitter bot and fractal flame generator developed in the Julia programming language.

fractal flame 1 fractal flame 2 fractal flame 3 fractal flame 4 fractal flame 5 fractal flame 6 fractal flame 7 fractal flame 8 fractal flame 9


These fractal images are generated by rendering techniques often referred to as Buddhabrot or Nebulabrot techniques.

nebula 1 nebula 2 nebula 3 nebula 4 nebula 5 nebula 6 nebula 7 nebula 8 nebula 9